The Fighter, a biographical film

The Fighter, a biographical film

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Jobs, an analytical analysis

A scene Analysis from Jobs

Breakdown of Scene

It isn’t often i get a chance to show off my writing, but in this class, i showed my knowledge of film. I hope this knowledge is seen by those who read this.

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PHP SQL Assignment 6

This was some of my best coding skills as of late. While previously the attempt at creating a search system failed, i was able to salvage it by making an input system that worked perfectly. The design system is still poorly executed, but i felt like i managed to make it cohesive enough to make it work. Just avoid the “search” button because it leads to the faulty search area

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LA Times Interview

We’ve seen some great, animated movies out at this time lately, what with Epic, The Croods, and Frozen showing up on this big screen. With all these movies, you often wonder how they get made and the thought process behind them. You even begin to wonder if maybe you, yourself, can make a movie as good as that. Thankfully, LA times gave us a very informative interview with the directors of the top five animated movies of late, each from a different company, which helped us understand how each workplace handles their thoughts.

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As we enter a more technological age, we will need to explore worlds far more frequently than our bodies can take us. We already have drones that submerge themselves to the bottom of the sea to explore new sea life and we have little rovers exploring the surfaces of mars and the moon. We have cameras that let US and Israel citizens communicate in real time and we have the ability to record all of these things for record in future days. A very apt analogy to these new advances in camera and communication as our own senses. We have eyes on the moons, ears in Canada, and voices in every house. It only makes sense to flex these senses and use them in every way possible, like a musician trains his ears to hear the imperfections in his violin, or a hunter trains his eyes to spot a rare tiger among the tall grass.

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During the cold war, art seemed very divided between American Abstraction and Russian Realism, with Americans advertising Abstraction, as a representation of freedom, while Realism was a representation of conformity. The hard colors and lines made Russian art very different from the capitalist American way, and I quite like it, but not a few Russians, who were upset with the way their government was, so they decided to do some abstract art as a way to protest their government’s communist way. Thus spawned the Russian Abstract art movement. I like this even more than Russian Realism or American Abstraction. Americans were too crazy with their creative freedom, making splatters and fluid motions that look pretty, but also looked like they meant nothing. While Russian Realism was better, it suffered from the stiffness and boredom that often came from conformity. Russian Abstraction allowed for the creative freedom to have form and structure. One of these artists was a man names Erik Bulatov, and one of his artworks was called “People in the Landscape”.

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Rurouni Kenshin

Movie adaptations are the latest big thing in today’s cinematic world. Hollywood makes more film adaptations, remakes, and other forms of re-using unoriginal ideas than they make any sort of truly original film. Most of these “original” films are also just genre films, using stereotypical writing tropes to pander to the general audience in hope of making a big buck.

 Now, don’t take my introduction the wrong way, I LOVE movie adaptations. I simply felt that some context needed to be made before I could get to the point I was going to make. Rurouni Kenshin (2012) is the best manga-to-live-action film I have ever watched (disclaimer: I am an American and am not aware of many film-adaptations of manga and anime. I only just saw this movie a year after it was released, online through the link I provided at the beginning. Why is this review so late? Because I live in America and this movie was made in Japan.

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